Monday, 24 January 2011

Happy birthday Moo!

This time I made a birthday present for my friend Sasha (to be honest with it being January buying a gift wasn't even an option!!).  Being a fan of all things vintage and burlesque I chose this Fan Girl pattern from Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart.

Using a satin remnant I had stashed (I have an ever growing stash, luckily on my face!) I stitched this bad boy in one sitting (that may or may not have been 7 hours) learning some new stitches along the way (Stem, French Knots and Split).  With a little bling to top it off it's now ready to rock and roll for her birthday on the 7th Feb.

Gorgeous aint she!!

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  1. I really like the fabric you chose here. The stitching looks really nice on it! I made a pillow out of this same pattern, only I used white cordoroy (NEVER again will I do that!).